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Why strategic workforce planning?

Manage Labour Budgets & What-if Scenarios

Save time with a fast and easy to use tool that allows multiple scenarios to be modelled, in collaboration with colleagues, and visualised in a user-friendly app.

Strategically Plan Future Labour Decisions

Optimise strategic hiring decisions with AI-driven capacity planning  and optimal contract mix recommendations.

Balance Supply and Demand Long-Term

Project future staffing levels with accurate demand forecasts in order to minimise the gap between future supply and demand.



Transparent Calculations

Robust logic – easy to check, transparent calculations with no formulas or coding required

Easy Visualisations

Customisable data visualisations support conversations with your stakeholders and delivers key control measures


API Interface

Easy API integration to feed your workforce management solution or bring data in from other sources


A cloud solution that allows permissions based multi-user access to simplify collaboration, review and approval

Simple to set up

Easy migration from an existing Excel model or using proprietary templates to get onboard fast and delivering value

Decision Support

AI decision support – optimise staffing decisions resulting in more efficient and effective use of your labour budget

A vital focal point to improve collaboration

Quorbit strategic workforce planning


Set wage budgets driven by operational reality and put in place effective control measures and tracking to manage spend


Recruitment strategy, headcount and contracts recommendations and operational deployment support

Business Improvement

A clear evidence base to test proposed initiatives, validate Return on Investment and provide a change control gate


Operating model forms the foundation of corporate planning, with process and policy transparency to facilitate governance decisions


Meet the team

A passionate bunch of experienced workforce management folk!

Quorbit has grown out of a consulting practice specialising in workforce management technology. We believe in simple to use and effective tools to support agile labour management practices.

Matt Brown

Matt Brown


Dave Oxley

Dave Oxley

Co-Founder & CTO

Michael Pearce

Michael Pearce

Customer Delivery

Tina Pearce

Tina Pearce


Viren Dave

Viren Dave

User Experience