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Strategic Workforce

Planning Made Simple

Welcome to the next generation of labour budgeting and AI driven decision making

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We’ve helped large retailers, hospitality leaders and logistics companies build tailored operating models that reflect their unique business drivers and customer proposition.

Clarity & decision support – the algorithms in Quorbit provide a transparent evidence base to:


Model the business activities and quantify the staffing needs to deliver the corporate objectives



Distribute hours and wage budgets efficiently by location and in a way that reflects your business priorities and targets


Test productivity and process improvements through modelling initiatives quickly across the entire organisation to validate their impact

The Missing link

Quorbit is the missing link in strategic decision making between bottom up workload calculations, top-down budget allocations and operational HR decision making.


Strategic planning

Produce long term strategic labour plans based on future demand & operational reality

Engage your business partners

Transparent calculations and modelling assumptions allow easy engagement with your stakeholders

What-if Scenario

Easily visualise the implications of multiple what-if scenarios ensuring compound impacts are understood 


Enhance profitability with AI driven decision making and actionable staffing recommendations

Evidence-Based Decision Making

Quorbit improves enterprise productivity by making strategic workforce planning easy and enabling profitable, data-based decision making.



Here’s what our clients have been saying about us:

Quorbit has played a vital part in helping us understand how many hours our stores need to run and assessing the impact of proposed change initiatives. The model is a critical part of our operational systems and has been a key part of supporting our Service strategy to make sure we deliver a consistent customer experience
Chris Jacob

Operations Productivity Manager, Costa

We are still at the beginning of the journey but the Quorbit labour models have revolutionised the way we allocate resource to shops and provides a credible tool to impact assess changes to our operation
Nicola Dalton

Partner & Operating Model Manager, John Lewis and Partners

Our old labour model was dated, difficult to maintain and slow to run. Quorbit has helped us become more agile, run budgets much quicker and give the various departments across the business the ability to understand & quantify the impact on labour of their initiatives
Paul Thompson

HR, WHSmith

The Results


Improvement in efficiencies

Sites planned using Quorbit models

Annual wage budgets managed