Plan the Workforce of the Future with the Quorbit Platform

Bring Finance, HR & Operations together on one platform to budget, recruit and staff for your operation. Forecast over weeks, months or years to stay prepared for an ever-changing world.

What can I achieve with Quorbit?

Workload Budgetting

Manage long term labour budgets and collaborate on what-if scenarios across department lines.

Strategic Capacity Planning

Model and manage capacity during peak or seasonal demand and drive profitability.

Tactical Recruitment

Predict skills gaps, optimise permanent vs temporary staffing ratios and increase retention.

Holiday & Absence Planning

Budget for holiday accruals and intelligently plan absences around periods of high and low demand.

Investment Planning

Test and measure the staffing impact of strategic projects and make more informed investment decisions.

Frontline Enablement

Empower Front-line managers with a comprehensive labour dashboard and real time recommendations.

Quorbit For Your Teams

Break down silos and plan effectively across your organisation


Plan with confidence, control staffing levels and get ahead of bottlenecks.


Retain staff, future proof talent and recruit the ideal mix of permanent & temporary staff.


Improve budgeting & forecasting accuracy, test and measure return on investment.

Frontline Managers

Get a complete picture in real time, plan to hit targets, measure and visualise performance.

Core Industries

Break down silos and plan effectively across your organisation


Model complex labour operations with multiple demand sources and drive organisational efficiency.


Deliver exceptional quality of service by retaining key staff and accurately staffing to demand.


Successfully run your business during periods of fluctuating demand and optimise payroll costs.

Ready to Improve your Workforce Planning and Budgeting?

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