About Quorbit

Quorbit is a Strategic Workforce Planning solution designed to help large, complex organisations build better labour budgets, increase their planning accuracy & agility and align their organisation from top to bottom.

What makes Quorbit different?

When it comes to running large, complex businesses, planning is everything. In today’s world, workforce planning is an unprecedented challenge, with managers living with the constant threat of disruption. To thrive in chaos, we need better tools to see into the future and move forward with confidence.

Saving Organisation’s Workforce Costs

Excel spreadsheets and enterprise systems that provide workforce planning as an afterthought are costing large organisations tens of millions of dollars every year and resulting in worse outcomes for customers, employees and shareholders.

Solving Workforce Planning

Quorbit is built from the ground up to solve the workforce planning problem and put the power back into the hands of organisations to effectively plan for the future using a scientific approach. We help planners put the right resources in the right place at the right time at scale.

We help large, complex organisations plan in an uncertain future.

We build tailored operating models that reflect their unique business drivers and customer proposition.


Improvement in planning agility


Sites planned using Quorbit models


Annual wage budgets managed

How it Started

In 2017 our co-founders set out to solve one of the biggest challenges they had witnessed over the previous two decades of enterprise workforce management consulting; there was no dedicated tool to support long term workforce planning and help business leaders accurately forecast labour demand.

Quorbit was born after Matt, Dave and Michael decided to leverage cloud software to solve the planning problem for large businesses, moving away from excel and desktop systems into the world’s first strategic workforce planning tool for comprehensive long range planning.

Founding Team

Matt Brown

Dave Oxley

Michael Pearce

What customers are saying about Quorbit

"Our old labour model was dated, difficult to maintain and slow to run. Quorbit has helped us become more agile, run budgets much quicker and give the various departments across the business the ability to understand & quantify the impact on labour of their initiatives"

Paul ThompsonHR Department - WHSmith

Quorbit’s Commitment to Carbon Neutral

Despite our software running “in the cloud”, we stand behind mitigating the damaging effects of carbon emissions here on earth. At Quorbit, we take a number of measures to reduce and offset emissions linked to the use of our product by our customers as well as our day to day business operations.

Regular Assessment

Regularly assessing the carbon intensity of our product and business operations including where practical suppliers & remote workers

Renewable Energy

Opting for renewable energy options for cloud hosting where available

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Taking practical steps to reduce our carbon footprint in our physical business operations

Offsetting Emissions

Where unable to reduce our carbon footprint completely, offset our emissions using ethically and sustainably sourced carbon offset products

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Quorbit is building the future of workforce planning tools, helping companies build more resilient and profitable businesses and supporting employees to perform their best at work.

3 Reasons to Join Quorbit


Have a massive impact from day one, solving challenging problems alongside some of the world’s largest, most complex organisations.

Join a tight-knit team and accelerate your development working on cutting edge technologies

Thrive in a fast paced, supportive environment with the freedom and flexibility to do your best work
Quorbit team

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