What are workload models?

  • Large businesses need to understand the activity that is happening in each of their locations
  • This understanding helps them quantify their cost base and enables them to look at time and costs for their business activities, processes and locations; providing an evidence base for productivity and process improvements
  • Workload models are also essential input for workforce management (WFM) and budget allocation

What is budget allocation?

  • During annual business planning, businesses allocate a global salary budget to support their stores, restaurants etc.
  • Businesses then need a robust process to split the global sum across all of their locations in a way that reflects the workload in each individual location
  • In understanding the workload in each location businesses can make sure they allocate resources in a way that is fair across the business. It allows them to make evidence-based decisions when applying productivity challenges across their estate and supports investment into opportunities for growth
  • Quorbit is a workload model that can either sit alongside any workforce management solution to feed in workload and/or costs; or as a standalone budgeting tool

What is Quorbit?

  • Quorbit is an online bottom-up workload model that supports budget allocation, by cost and/or by hours
  • It provides an effective solution for the main problems that exist with most budget allocations models today:
    • Simple, local models have the benefit of being transparent with clear calculations however they can have a high risk of calculation corruption and/or error that can be difficult to spot
    • Complex models built into workforce management systems are a black box that makes it hard to predict the impact of changes and to explain budget movements to senior leadership. This lack of transparency can create a barrier to engagement or even suspicion and mistrust; undermining leaders faith in a fair budget allocation
  • Quorbit provides transparent calculations with the reassurance that the model will not suffer corruption or calculation errors
  • It is the next generation in online budgeting, created by budget allocation experts who have worked with black box and simple model budget models and have used their experience to create a best of both approach without the downsides of either

Who is Quorbit for?

  • Quorbit is for support office users who are tasked with allocating budgets by location and ensuring an equitable allocation of salary to support delivery of company objectives
  • Quorbit can set budgetary targets and feed into workforce management solutions
  • It supports “what if” calculations to underpin scenario planning and business case quantification for process changes

Cloud Based

A Cloud Solution – to define and manage labour models across an entire estate


Users can produce models alongside the ‘live’ budget to allow different operational or financial scenarios to be defined, modelled, costed and evaluated.

What-if Scenarios

Define, produce and manage yearly labour budgets (hours and wages by task and role)

Link to WFM

Can set budgetary targets and feed a WFM solution to drive operational labour management

Estate Database

To drive the labour model each site in the estate is defined along with its unique characteristics to support generation of an equitable labour budget


Users are typically from Central Operations & Finance